Responsable Técnico especializado en piel y cuero
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Responsable Técnico especializado en piel y cuero

Descripción de la oferta

Be the technical gatekeeper at the factory to ensure world class service in order to meet Impactiva’s clients’ expectations.

roles and Responsibilities

- responsible for material, in-process and final shipment quality control (according to Impactiva’s Inspection Manual (+80 pages))
- capable of learning and executing on a day-to-day basis very rigorous processes and procedures
- generating his / her own inspection reports using a laptop
- maintain a good working relationship with all customers and shoe factories’ personnel (including top management and owners) and fellow Tm (team Members)

required Knowledge, Traits and Skills


- minimum 5 years of experience in the industry that includes strong exposures on:

• understanding physical property requirements for each type of articles and conducting various manual tests to evaluate it
• leather measurement verification
• identifying and separating color shades in each production lot
• categorizing the color shades and preparing color window ranges for acceptable shades
• understanding the natural defects and ability to identify it in each type of articles
• knowledge on leather grading using clean area concept
• end to end leather inspection
• knowledge on different types of leather finishing and tanning process


- honesty and ethics beyond question
- self-motivated and ability to be self-led as will mostly work without supervision
- self-confidence to work outside their home city and country as per business needs
- self-confidence to withstand pressures from nervous suppliers


- good spoken English
- ability to communicate effectively
- computer Proficiency (windows, Outlook, Excel)

other Conditions

- reporting to: material Tech Leader
- location: as per business needs
- travel: as per business needs
- commitment: 3-year contract


Formación Profesional grado superior




5 años de experiencia

Datos de la oferta


24.000 € - 30.000 €

Jornada Laboral:

Jornada Completa

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